Do You Need a Wacom Tablet?

Do You Need a Wacom Tablet?


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I have to admit that I am a total novice when it comes to the Wacom Tablet.  I just recently purchased the Intuos Pro Medium and I am still learning how to use it and all the ways it’s going to improve my creative life.  Thus far, I have just played with it a bit and set up my personalized settings.  It is really fun! I decided to purchase the tablet because I take all of my own pictures and I do all of my own editing using Lightroom.  The Wacom tablet definitely helps with the editing process. (Editing is the one area that I have done some playing, well that and drawing squiggles and doodles). You can be more precise and accurate when using the pen with the tablet with Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and/or Illustrator. There are other programs that can be used with the Wacom Tablet; it comes with a free trial for Inkspace for drawing, but Adobe programs are the ones that I am more familiar with; not that I am an expert on any of them. 

 I am always in the process of learning more; being a teacher, I love learning and I am always striving to learn new things and learn to be more proficient in my current endeavors, including Adobe programs.  Now I have added one more thing to my learning list….The Wacom Tablet. 


Personalizing the settings for your own specifications definitely takes a bit of instruction and Youtube is a great place to get the help that you need setting up your new tablet.  It also takes a bit to learn how to actually use it efficiently, but the learning part is fun; you just need the time to practice.  Below this, I am listing some good places for instructions on customizing your Wacom tablet and instructions on how to actually use the tablet.


There are other youtube channels that offer tutorials on the Wacom tablets, but these are 2 of my favorites; Phlearn and Wacom. CreativeLive is an amazing website that offers tutorials to help you master a wide variety of skills. 

Even if you decide that you don’t need a Wacom Tablet, I challenge you to learn a new skill or hobby in 2018.


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